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Monthly Archives: November 2016

  • Supermoon and Himalayan Salt Bath

    Posted on November 14, 2016 by Wendy

    With the Supermoon fully upon us it is a fabulous time to take a moment to soak up
    the healing white light from the moon and also take a Himalayan Salt bath.

    Taking a Himalayan Salt bath, or otherwise known as Sole or Brine Baths
    in conjunction with certain phases of the moon is known as Moon or Moon Rhythm Bathing.

    I was able to take a detox bath last evening and the wonders of relaxation for sleeping were
    amazing. During the supermoon period the water remains at the highest temperature
    and the cleansing/sweating was optimum.
    This is an excellent way to detox and relax while cleansing your body, mind and soul.

    While taking a Himalayan Salt Bath, minerals are absorbed while toxins are released
    into the bath water via osmosis. The inside and the outside of your body detoxifies
    through this process, while bio-energetic weak points are restored and energy flow is activated.

    Statistics say that Himalayan salt is known as the purest salt on earth with
    85 plus minerals and the detox effect is equivalent to a 3 day fast.

    As my book "How to Get to Your Natural States of Weight" states that acidity cause inflammation and pain
    in your body Himalayan salt baths reduce acidity and help balance the pH of your skin.

    You will also feel relief of pain, soreness in your muscles and joints as well.
    What an excellent way to stimulate circulation as the same time and get moisture back into your skin.

    Make sure you have a large glass of water to drink while taking this bath as you will need
    to hydrate yourself while detoxing.

    I also like to light a couple small candles to help with the mood.

    Combining energies like fire, water, earth and air can also be spiritually cleansing
    as well.

    I hope you take time during this November Supermoon to relax and soak in the energy.

    Please remember that not everyone can take a Himalayan salt bath and you should Consult a physician if you have heart or circulatory problems. Himalayan Salt Baths can be a little taxing on your circulatory system and may cause slight dizziness afterwards.

    Remember to always be Fabulous!

    Luv Wendy

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  • Word "Diet"

    Posted on November 8, 2016 by Wendy

    As most of you already know, I am not a fan of the word "diet".

    Life is about balance, knowing what your body likes and doesn't like.

    Foods that make you feel good and foods that don't agree with you.

    If you eat a balance of 75% alkaline and 25% acidic foods your body will love you and you will feel and be much healthier.

    No one ever said on their death bed... Oh... I regret I didn't diet more.

    Love it! Thanks to the institute for the psychology of eating for their photo.

    Remember to Always Be Fabulous!

    Luv Wendy

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