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Monthly Archives: August 2014

  • #SizeSexy

    Posted on August 27, 2014 by Wendy

    Ok, Ladies, here is your chance to show off your own #sizesexy If you have ever wanted to celebrate your curves, this is the shirt for you. It comes in Red, Black and Soft Pink and a variety of sizes. I sure had some fun today playing with Stefanie Augusteijn the Queen of helping women rock their curves at SexyPlus Clothing. Today I officially became a #sizesexy Yay!

    You can too by getting your own shirt at www.sexyplusclothing.com Come join the fun of being #sizesexy

    Remember to Always Be Fabulous

    Luv Wendy

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  • Eating Alkaline on the BBQ

    Posted on August 19, 2014 by Wendy


    Summer time is a fabulous time to BBQ and YES you can still eat Alkaline while enjoying your big juicy steak on the BBQ. Remember the key is to eat 75% alkaline and 25% Acidic. The meats we BBQ are ALL acidic so just make sure you balance it off with some great veggies. One of my favourites are Yams and Peppers.

    INGREDIENTS ( for 2 people)
    2 Fresh Peppers- Yellow or Orange Preferred, however you can use red or green if you like
    2 large Fresh Yams
    Sea Salt
    Fresh Ground Pepper
    Fresh Garlic Gloves
    8 baby tomatoes
    Butter - optional


    Wash the peppers first

    First make a round cut on the top of the pepper so you can open it up to stuff it.
    Make the cut just big enough so you can stuff it easily and take off the stem.

    Next clean out the pepper and take out all the seeds.

    Take the garlic and peel 4 cloves. 2 for each pepper. Cut the garlic cloves in half.

    Take 8 baby cherry tomatoes and slice each in half. There will be 4 full tomatoes for each pepper after sliced.

    Stuff the peppers with the garlic and tomatoes. Add a bit of sea salt and fresh pepper, and a splash of butter if you like. The butter makes it more juicy.

    Wrap each pepper fully in aluminum foil and place on top grill in your BBQ. Make sure the foil is completely sealed so the butter doesn't run out. Let steam for 35 minutes. Do not turn, leave how they are.

    After 35 minutes just open the foil, carefully as it will be hot, and you have your super delicious peppers ready for your enjoyment.


    Wash the two yams

    Cut each yam horizontally so you have 2 halves each.

    Place the yams on aluminum foil, each in its own foil wrapper

    Sprinkle some sea salt and pepper on them with a splash of butter.
    If you like you can add some raw brown sugar to give it a crystallized coating

    Wrap in the foil and give the foil 3 pokes with a fork to allow air flow. Make sure the foil is completely sealed so the butter doesn't run out.

    Cook on the top grill in your BBQ for 35 minutes along with the Peppers.

    After 35 minutes just open the foil, carefully as it will be hot, and you have fabulous yams to go with your peppers and meat

    This is a healthy way to get your veggies with your BBQ and there are NO dishes to wash. Just throw out the foil. I also love to use the yams instead of baked potatoes. It helps mix up the menu too. With the peppers, yams, tomatoes and garlic you get a super pH balance to your meat and lots of vitamins and minerals

    All that is left is to ENJOY!!!!

    Remember to Always Be Fabulous!

    Luv Wendy

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  • Hang with people who "Get YOU"

    Posted on August 18, 2014 by Wendy

    Had a thought for the day and thought I would share it with you.

    "I would rather hang out with only 1 person who truly "Gets Me" and for me to say I have 1 true friend as opposed to hanging out with many people who don't truly "Get Me", and me to say I have 100 friends. The older I get, the wiser I become. By Wendy Ladd

    Luv Wendy

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  • What do you see when you look in the mirror?

    Posted on August 10, 2014 by Wendy

    Love this video from John Legend - You & I (Nobody In The World) (What Do You See When You Look In The Mirror)
    Credit goes to John Legend so please watch, pass it on and comment.


    Luv Wendy

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