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    Posted on January 2, 2018 by Wendy

    Happy Fabulous New Year!

    I hope 2018 brings you all the things your heart desires
    Love, Health, Prosperity, Peace and Grace.

    Most people are starting off the New Year with
    a resolution and the majority of the resolutions are
    to "Go on A Diet and lose weight".

    I have nothing against New Years resolutions and think
    they are excellent ways to begin new programs and set
    new habits for yourself.

    The only thing is programs and habits fade and the
    novelty wears off and most people seem to be back in the same
    place where they started after a few months.

    I do understand though that some people actually keep on
    the program and keep the new habit so not being Negative on the

    I am not a personal fan of the word Diet. If you have
    read my book "Get To Your Natural State of Weight"
    you will understand that by telling yourself you are
    "On a Diet" your body seems to crave everything it
    cannot have.

    There is nothing worse that being focused on the things
    you cannot have. Why not focus on What you Can Have?

    So I no longer use the word Diet, and changed it to

    Why not start your New Year off with a commitment to
    having a Healthier Lifestyle?

    Learn how to eat the proper balance of Alkaline vs. Acidic
    foods and start feeling the difference in your energy,
    aches and pains and recognize how your body reacts when you
    eat processed and sugary foods.

    Learn and understand how stress and your emotions
    affect how you feel and how your body keeps on weight
    when you are emotionally stressed.

    It's not always about what you are eating that
    makes you gain weight or feel terrible.
    It can be the toxic people you are around
    or the situation you are dealing with.

    Do your best in 2018 to eliminate the negative
    people in your life and stop trying to fix everyone
    and everything.

    Stop worrying so much about what other people think
    and about what you think. How you feel, what your needs
    are and how to be kind to yourself.

    You deserve to feel vibrant and alive each day.
    I call this process "Getting To Your Natural
    State of Weight" - when everything inside is in sync
    and performing at its optimal strength.

    It's a process and it takes some time to learn.
    Once you understand what foods work best for you
    and how it all affects your pH level you will find
    it much easier to create the Healthy Lifestyle
    you deserve

    There are many blogs on my website which you can begin
    with to get yourself started. Or if you wish you can
    purchase the book "Get To Your Natural State of Weight"
    on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/Get-Your-Natural-State-Weight/product-reviews/0992045207/ref=cm_cr_dp_d_show_all_btm?ie=UTF8&reviewerType=all_reviews

    It's a quick read with a pH list of foods to get your started

    Please feel free to email me if you have any questions as

    I am happy to help get you started.

    Remember to Always Be Fabulous!

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  • Why your grandparents didn’t have food allergies…but you do

    Posted on December 30, 2017 by Wendy

    Excellent article by Healthy Holistic Living on why so many of us now
    have food allergies and our grandparents didn't.

    Nutrition affects EVERY cell in our body.
    The health of our cells is dependent on diet and lifestyle.

    Cells create tissues; tissues create organs,
    and we are made up of a system of organs.

    If your nutrition is inadequate, the integrity of each cell,
    tissue, and organ in your body will suffer.
    Thus you may be MORE sensitive to certain foods.

    Read the entire article here:


    Remember to Always Be Fabulous!

    Luv Wendy

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  • Happy New Year

    Posted on December 28, 2017 by Wendy

    The Boarding of Flight 2018 has been announced ~

    Your luggage should only contain the best souvenirs from 2017

    The bad and sad moments should be left in the garbage....

    The duration of the flight will be 12 months. So, tighten your seatbelt.

    The next stop-overs will be: Health, Love, Joy, Harmony, well-being and Peace.

    The captain offers you the following menu which will be served during the flight

    A Cocktail of Friendship, A Supreme of Health, A Gratin of Prosperity, A Bowl of Excellent News, A salad of Success, A Cake of Happiness,and All accompanied by bursts of laughter......

    Wishing you an enjoyable trip on board of flight 2018.....

    Before 2017 Ends,

    Let Me Thank All The good - People Like You, Who Made 2017 Beautiful For Me.

    I Pray You be Blessed With a successful Year Ahead.

    I wish you a great 2018

    Luv Wendy

    And Remember to Always Be Fabulous!

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  • Thank You

    Posted on December 23, 2017 by Wendy

    Thank You to all of you who have been a part of this
    journey with me.

    It's been a year full of emotions that's for sure.

    It's a year of reflection on how blessed I have been
    and where I want to go this year with Fabulous, Fit & Fantastic Living

    Life is way too short not to go for your dreams and love
    what you do.

    I hope this year brings you all your wishes and dreams.
    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and all the blessings of
    the season to you and your family.

    Take good care...

    And Remember Always Be Fabulous...

    Luv Wendy

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  • He Was Grieving Over the Death Of His Best Friend, Until and Old Man Told him This.

    Posted on December 9, 2017 by Wendy

    If you have ever lost someone near and dear to you sometimes
    you go searching for answers to life's questions.

    After my mom passed away last Christmas I researched about grief
    as my mom was, and still is my best friend.
    A part of me was lost, never to be the same, I am changed.

    I think it's time to write another chapter in my next book
    on how grief can affect your "natural state of weight" as well.
    You don't realize until you are in it how your weight
    gets affected with emotions and grief.

    On a positive note, I found this wonderful story from an old man to a younger man
    who was grieving over the loss of his best friend.
    It sure put things into perspective so thought I would share it.
    Unfortunately no one seems to know who the old man was.. or his name

    He Was Grieving Over the Death Of His Best Friend, Until and Old Man Told him This.

    I'm old. What that means is that I've survived (so far)
    and that a lot of people I've known and loved did not.

    I've lost friends, best friends, acquaintances, co-workers, grandparents,
    mom, relatives, teachers, mentors, students, neighbors, and a host of other folks.

    I have no children and I can't imagine the pain it must be to lose a child,
    but here's my two cents...

    I wish I could say you get used to people dying, but I never did.
    I don't want to.

    It tears a hole through me whenever somebody I love dies,
    no matter the circumstances.

    But I don't want it to "not matter". I don't want it to be something that just passes.

    My scars are a testament to the love and the relationship that I had
    for and with that person. And if the scar is deep, so was the love.
    So be it.

    Scars are a testament to life. Scars are a testament that I
    can love deeply and live deeply and be cut, or even gouged,
    and that I can heal and continue to live and continue to love.

    And the scar tissue is stronger than the original flesh ever was.
    Scars are a testament to life.
    Scars are only ugly to people who can't see.

    As for grief, you'll find it comes in waves.
    When the ship is first wrecked, you're drowning,
    with wreckage all around you.

    Everything floating around you reminds you of the beauty
    and the magnificence of the ship that was,
    and is no more, and all you can do is float.

    You find some piece of wreckage and you hang on for a while.
    Maybe it's some physical thing.
    Maybe it's a happy memory or a photograph.
    Maybe it's a person who is also floating.
    For a while, all you can do is float. Stay alive.

    In the beginning, the waves are 100 feet tall
    and crash over you without mercy.
    They come 10 seconds apart and don't even give you time to catch your breath.
    All you can do is hang on and float.

    After a while, maybe weeks, maybe months,
    you'll find the waves are still 100 feet tall,
    but they come further apart.
    When they come, they still crash all over you and wipe you out.
    But in between, you can breathe, you can function.

    You never know what's going to trigger the grief.
    It might be a song, a picture, a street intersection,
    the smell of a cup of coffee.
    It can be just about anything... and the waves come crashing.
    But in between waves, there is life.

    Somewhere down the line, and it's different for everybody,
    you find that the waves are only 80 feet tall.
    Or 50 feet tall.
    And while they still come, they come further apart.

    You can see them coming. An anniversary, a birthday, or Christmas,
    or landing at O'Hare. You can see it coming, for the most part,
    and prepare yourself.

    And when it washes over you, you know that somehow you will,
    again, come out of the other side.
    Soaking wet, sputtering, still hanging on to some tiny pieces of the wreckage,
    but you'll come out.

    Take it from an old guy. The waves never stop coming,
    and somehow you don't really want them to.
    But you learn that you'll survive them.

    And other waves will come.
    And you'll survive them too.
    If you're lucky, you'll have lots of scars from lots of loves.
    And lots of shipwrecks.

    Luv Wendy,

    Remember To Always Be Fabulous

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  • Memory From A Cook Book

    Posted on December 3, 2017 by Wendy


    As I was searching for a cookie recipe from my mom’s cook book
    a small piece of paper dropped out of it.

    It was odd as I have opened this cook book before and nothing fell out.
    However today marking the 1 year of my mother’s passing I found it
    comforting and it made me smile.

    Here is what it says:

    Mother’s never die- They just keep house up in the sky.
    When we are children, we are happy and gay,
    And our mother is young and she laughs as we play.
    Then as we grow up she teaches us truth,
    And lays life’s foundation in the days of our youth.
    And then it is time for us to leave home,
    But her teachings go with us wherever we roam.
    For all that she taught us and all that we did,
    When we were so often just a bad little kid.
    We will often remember and then realize,
    That mothers are special and wonderfully wise.
    And as she grows older, we look bad with love,
    Knowing that mothers are Gifts from above.
    And when she goes home to receive her reward,
    She will dwell in God’s Kingdom and Keep house for the Lord.
    Where she’ll LightUp the stars that shine through the night,
    And keep all the moon beams sparkling and bright.
    And then with the dawn she’ll put the darkness away,
    As she scours the sun to new brilliance each day.
    So dry tears of sorrow, for mothers don’t die,
    They just move in with God and Keep house in the sky.
    And there in God’s Kingdom, mothers watch from above,
    To welcome their children with their undying love

    Thank you mom xo, Love you

    Luv Wendy

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  • Even The Smallest Stone Makes A Ripple In The Water

    Posted on November 28, 2017 by Wendy

    I always love this time of year with
    all the Hallmark Channel Christmas Movies.

    It is so easy to get caught up in the
    emotions with a hot chocolate in your
    hand and your love by your side.

    After watching Journey Back to Christmas
    I found myself thinking of this line in
    the movie

    "Even the smallest stone makes a ripple in the water"

    This poem is by an Unknown Author however it fits
    the line from the movie

    You just never know how powerful you can be with
    just one small ripple.



    Drop a pebble in the water,
    just a splash, and it's gone;
    But there's half a hundred ripples
    circling on and on and on,

    Spreading, spreading from the center,
    flowing on out to sea.
    And there is no way of telling
    where the end is going to be.

    Drop a pebble in the water;
    in a minute you will forget,
    But there's little waves a-flowing
    and there's ripples circling yet,

    And those little waves a-flowing
    to a great big wave have grown;
    You've disturbed a mighty river
    just by dropping in a stone.

    Drop an unkind or careless word:
    in a minute it is gone;
    But there's half a hundred ripples
    circling on and on and on,

    They keep spreading, spreading,
    spreading from the center as they go,
    And there is no way to stop them,
    once you've started the flow.

    Drop an unkind or careless word:
    in a minute you forget;
    But there's little waves a-flowing,
    and there's ripples circling yet.

    And perhaps in some sad heart
    a mighty wave of tears you've stirred,
    And disturbed a life that was happy
    where you dropped that unkind word.

    Drop a word of cheer and kindness:
    just a flash and it is gone;
    But there is half a hundred ripples
    circling on and on and on,

    Bearing hope and joy and comfort
    on each splashing, dashing wave,
    Till you wouldn't believe the volume
    of the one kind word you gave.

    Drop a word of cheer and kindness:
    in a minute you will forget;
    But there's gladness still a-swelling,
    and there's joy circling yet.

    And you've rolled a wave of comfort
    whose sweet music can be heard,
    Over miles and miles of water
    just by dropping one kind word.

    Remember to Always Be Fabulous!

    Luv Wendy

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  • There Comes A Time

    Posted on November 18, 2017 by Wendy

    It's hard to believe it has been 5 years now
    since There Comes A Time was launched.

    This poem is so dear to my heart and I am so
    happy that it continues to be shared and change

    Thank you to everyone who has supported me
    Love you xo


    Remember to Always Be Fabulous!

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  • Eat more alkaline foods

    Posted on November 12, 2017 by Wendy

    Eat more alkaline foods and have less
    risk of sickness, diseases and cancer.


    Remember to Always Be Fabulous

    Luv Wendy

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  • Easy to Make Egg Muffins

    Posted on November 9, 2017 by Wendy

    Still a big fan of these easy to make egg muffins.

    When you are on the go in the morning or need
    a mid morning snack they are perfect

    All you need is muffin tray,
    green peppers,

    Mix the eggs with a bit of milk and add the chopped veggies
    and place in a greased muffin tray.

    Takes about 30 minutes at 365


    Remember to always Be Fabulous

    Luv Wendy

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