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  • pH Balanced Diet = FABULICIOUS!

    Posted on January 12, 2013 by Wendy

    As we run around every day being busy, busy, between our full work schedules, dropping off and picking up the children, feeding the dog, and getting to after school sports games, we sometimes find it difficult to make sure we are eating a healthy diet - let alone a pH balanced diet. Where do we find the time? The answer is... you already know, YOU must make the Time.


     If you were like me at the beginning and were not sure what a pH balanced diet even was, you have come to the right place.


    This year Fabulous, Fit & Fantastic Living will educate you how to balance your diet, learn more about what alkaline vs acidic eating is, find your pH body balance, and help you to find some peace and joy in your busy schedule.


    My 2 key words for the new year are HOPE and MOVEMENT. My secondary word is FABULICIOUS. I myself know that is isn't always easy to get to a gym, let alone even enjoy a gym when you are in a rush. For myself walking- MOVEMENT- seems to be the key to keeping my energy and weight in a healthy alignment. Walking is one of the most beneficial and calming exercises you can do for yourself. Just 30 minutes a day gives your body a brand new perspective on energy, blood flow, and overall health..


    I am big believer that your Size does not define you, and you dont have to do things because someones says you SHOULD, OR HAVE TO, or be Judged for being YOU. It is my goal to take you through an easy, simple, daily routine, taylored specifically just for you to enjoy better Health that gives you personal satisfaction and results.

    I want you to ask yourself a couple questions :.


    1. Do you ever wake up in pain?.


    2. Do you often feel sluggish, tired & achy?.


    3. Do you feel challenged losing extra lbs?.


    If you said, YES to any of the above, pH balanced diet may be for you..


     If you have questions or would like a one on one personal consultation please contact me and find out how you can also benefit from pH & Ion Balanced diets that help you “Live a Life of Excellence" and be 'FABULICIOUS".




    Luv Wendy

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  • Welcome to 2013- Launch of the "New Look" of Fabulous, Fit & Fantastic Living

    Posted on January 2, 2013 by Wendy

    Happy New Year to everyone, and Welcome to the launch of the "New Look" of Fabulous, Fit & Fantastic Living.   Our journey is about hope, change, new promises, and new beginnings for all parts of your life.


    As the calendar year changes for a new day, a new week and a new year it also brings with it the Year of the Snake.  The snake will bring people unexpected changes, instability, and changeability.  The start of 2013 signifies renewed hope for a better tomorrow, providing a fresh outlook at all things in a better perspective and setting a New Years resolution.


    The most common New Years resolution for people is to choose to take a look at their health first, and set forth changes to live a healthier lifestyle.  Fabulous, Fit & Fantastic Living is about creating YOUR Lifestyle.  It is about taking daily steps to a healthier life through physical movement, discipline,  personal satisfaction and achievements.


    It's about Being the Authentic YOU! Learning to live in YOUR own skin and LOVING IT. We believe Life is not about your SIZE and your SIZE does not define YOU. It is about being HEALTHY,  and being the best YOU!


    Our mission is to help people realize that beauty truly is from within, to recognize that we are all created perfectly in our skin, and to accept 100% of who we are and what we are.  HEALTHY is much more important than being Skinny.


    Fabulous, Fit & Fantastic Living was created out of a strong desire to share with the world what I had discovered about pH eating and the proper balance of alkaline vs acidic foods.  As a cancer survior who fought a battle for for 9 years and won, the knowledge I found along the way was just too important not to share with the world and hence the Fabulous, Fit & Fantastic Living program was founded.


    It is a proven fact that cancer does not survive in an alkaline state, and we invite you to come join us on a journey of discovery for yourself.  With just some simple, small changes in your eating habits it can make a huge difference in how you feel.  We can teach you how to get to your "natural state of weight" , and enjoy waking up feeling energetic, vibrant and alive.


    Don't wait until its too late.  Find out how you can get the information to make the difference and live a life of being Fabulous, Fit & Fantastic.


    Happy New Year - 2013 - The year of the snake

    Luv Wendy














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