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Emotional Detoxify

Posted on June 2, 2017 by Wendy There have been 0 comments

Many people ask me about my program and how it works and
I share with them that eating an alkaline diet will get you
to Your Natural State of Weight"

What that means is your body is happiest at a certain weight
It doesn't mean that is your slimmest weight, it means it is
your healthiest weight.

After many years of dieting and trying to be skinny I realized
my body was happiest at a heavier weight than what I thought
was the worlds "ideal weight for me.

Once I accepted the fact that I wanted to be healthy not skinny
I became a much happier person.

I must share with you that when you begin my program there will
be some detoxifying that will naturally happen as your body
cleanses itself from all the processed foods and sugar it has
gotten used to.

It's important to remember cleansing is a mind, body, heart & soul experience.

The process of cleansing not only helps eliminate the poisons stored In our body
but it has a fascinating tendency to emotionally detoxify us as well.

Sometimes when we cleanse or fast we get angry, anxious, depressed, and
experience a high. All this is natural as your body is dealing with
the change.

The beginning is the most challenging time as your mind will play
tricks on you telling you that you need to keep those toxins.

You will fight with your will power and your discipline to stay the course

All I can tell you my friends is dedicate 10 days to stay the course,
to plan your schedule to eat alkaline

Know that you will have some emotions, maybe a couple of headaches and
moodiness.... but it is WORTH IT.

I encourage you to read my book, give me a call if you like.

Take the first step to "Get to Your Natural State of Weight"

Your body will LOVE you for it.

Remember to Always Be Fabulous!

Luv Wendy

photo credit to Love their posts! Follow their facebook page as well.

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